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18 August 1984
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The WeatherPixie

This is what it's like where I live in America.
I'm a decent fan of anime but I prefer manga.

I work with Rural Metro (Ambulance company) and attend Scottsdale Community College. I'm getting my AA right now. I really enjoy what I do and am a big kitty fan.

I'm also a fan of Saint seiya. It's a new fandom for me but I'm enjoying it. So don't ruin it with any pop-culture ways of speaking of it... of course it's such an old series I won't have to worry about the Gundam Wing-esque annoyance (Though I like gundam wing).

I also have an intrest in astrology. And yes, I beleive in astrology, but not as the be all end all. Humans are too complicated for that. I have have a grave distaste for poeple who use astrology to swirve from responsibility. We all make our own choices so we must take responsibility for the things we do. No matter what your astrology says, it doesn't mean you have a get-off free pass.

From Sun to Mars my astro makeup is

Sun: Leo
Moon: Taurus
Mercury: Virgo
Venus: Virgo
Mars: Saggitarius

Acend/Rising sign: Virgo

And if you wanna follow my zainny Raganrok Online adventures. Go to my myspace. it's all I use it for anyway.